Animal Attack

Animal Attack

Animal Attack is a shooting game, where you have to protect your castle
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Animal Attack is a shooting game, where you have to protect your castle from the attack of angry animals.
The game basically consists in shooting some nasty rabbits that descend from helicopters in parachutes. You take the role of the Chief Guardian of the Asher Castle, which is constantly under attack by these furious rabbits, all of them with a nasty appearance, which were trained for battle as kamikazes and are well-equipped with powerful weapons. You are also armed with weapons such as a flame thrower, a machine gun, and a sniper rifle.
The goal is to reach a fixed score so as to access the following level. Everything consists in shooting these animals, and protect the castle. As you advance in the game, the number of attackers increases greatly and the game becomes really exciting.
You control your weapons with the mouse, and from time to time you will be receiving power-ups such as bombs, freezers, and so on, which can help you beat the rabbits more easily.
The game is very violent, and includes aggressive scenes with blood included.
In the game settings there is an option for children, which replaces the images of blood. The graphics are a noteworthy aspect of the game, very detailed and of really good quality. The music is original and adds the game the appropriate atmosphere.

Vanesa Paez
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  • Lots of action.
  • Entertaining and addictive
  • Great graphics and music


  • Very violent
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